NEW Jumbo Honey Walnut Prawns


We start off choosing the juiciest jumbo prawns.  Marinade it in our secret recipe.  Fry once to get it cooked, then twice to get the right amount of crunchiness.   We then toss them in our special Honey Walnut sauce and then carefully lay them on top of a fresh bed of lettuce.  The candied walnuts come to rest surrounding the Jumbo Prawns while the black and white sesame seeds get sprinkled on top...YUM!

We only use fresh quality ingredients in all our 

dishes.  From grass fed beef in our stir fry, to Norwegian salmon in our sushi.  Every dish is made to order.  NO heat lamps!  NO preservatives!  NO kidding!


Monday - Thursday: 11am9:30pm

Friday     : 11am-10:00pm
Saturday: 2:30pm-10:00m
Sunday:  3:00pm-9:30pm


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